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VCool is a no-mess, no-fuzz video app that does the editing job for you. You can also invite friends and family to join the filming with you! Here's what VCool does:


Storyboards- All of our storyboards are original and specifically designed by professional directors for various scenarios in life. Capture the precious moments in your life now!


Filming- Precious moments in life are supposed to be shared with friends. With VCool, you can invite friends and family from anywhere in the world to film with you and enjoy the fun together.


No editing required. No more fumbling through that small screen and trying to figure out how it works. Just follow the script, shoot the scenes and let VCool does the rest.

Our Work

Even though VCool is a newborn, we've already done a lot. Whether it's event recordings, product promo videos or store intro, as long as you need a video, we are there for you!

April, 2015 KENTING

Spring Scream

13 bands, 13 videos in 3 days

After we are done with the prototyping, we went to the biggest annual music festival in Taiwan, Spring Scream, to test it. Within 3 days, we've created 14 performance highlight videos for 14 different bands and they all love them. VCool provides a new alternative for indie bands to do performance recordings without any hassles.

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November, 2015 TAIPEI

Meet Taipei

100 booth, 100 videos in 3 days

This is VCool's first collaboration with a major event. There were more than 100 startup booths and we have coincidentally shooted more than 100 videos to introduce these startups which showcases VCool's ability to produce a huge amount of quality videos in a really short time.

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On-Site Filming

$169~239 USD / VIDEO

Perfect for budgeted small business owners (i.e. restaurants, stores), product companies and event hosting parties.

On-Site Filming
Default Storyboard
Your Logo
Default Music

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Customized Storyboard


Perfect for company, brand & product promos.

Customized storyboard
Your Logo
Commercial Music

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Professional Filming

$969+ USD / VIDEO

Perfect for crowdfunding campaigns.

On-Site Filming
Customized Storyboard
Your Logo
Commercial Music
Professional Narration

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